The British Columbia Certified Organic Association is a voluntary agri-food quality program sanctioned by the Government of British Columbia through the Organic Agricultural Products Certification Regulation under the Agri-Food Choice and Quality Act. The COABC is designated as the provincial program administrator, working closely with ministry staff in monitoring the program's credibility and acceptance in domestic and international markets. COABC has amended its policies and procedures for the accreditation of member certifying associations and the certification of program participants and its provincial organic agriculture production, processing and handling standards four times since its inception in 1993. Program administration activities are focused on auditing its member associations for compliance and administering the use of the program's official mark, which is comprised of the prescribed phrase "British Columbia Certified Organic" and the symbol "checkmark in a box". The COABC also carries out initiatives that support the growth of the sector in the province.

British Columbia's organic sector is strengthened by provincial legislation that supports the integrity of the certification program. Internationally harmonized organic standards and an ISO 61 compliant accreditation system combine to provide a credible organic designation for local consumers and an accepted certification program for exports. There will be a challenge to integrate the British Columbia Certified Program into an impending national program and to ensure international market access is maintained.

The COABC has recently had the Certified Organic Production Operation Policies and Management Standards passed through an Order in Council.
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Our Certification with the Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia.